Episode 10 : The Wild And Innocent

Lots of great songs today; we kick it off with the dark and trippy sounds of The Straggler, aka Kevin Lynn of King Cobb Steelie fame. “Rubylith” plays under an intense, dramatic scene of Ramona overdosing on crystal meth, and really brings out the panic on screen.

Next is “Gamma Hydra IV” by Microbunny, headed up by Al Okada, another King Cobb Steelie alum. This dark, ominous track features Tamara Williamson on vocals, and plays under a montage of David studying addiction statistics.

We had fun branching out a little bit with the musical selection for the next track, “Dream” by Controller 7, and the song works really well against the close-ups of Owen’s pipe.

“Motel” by Brian Borcherdt closes out this episode of ReGenesis : ReMixed. Brian is a multi-talented musician whose work runs the gamut from experimental electronic projects to rock bands to acoustic songwriting. The track works beautifully under David leaving Owen in the courthouse, having a drink, reflecting in his loft and receiving an unsettling phone call from his dad.

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