How Do I Listen?

What is a podcast?

Think of a podcast as an audio subscription. With the help of a “podcast receiver” like iTunes, you can subscribe to channels (also called “feeds”) that interest you, and when new programming is available, it’s automatically downloaded to your computer for listening whenever you like. Some podcast receivers will even load the audio program onto your iPod or other mobile device automatically when you sync it with your computer.

Do I need an iPod to listen to the podcast?

No. Even if you don’t have an iPod or portable MP3 player, you can still listen to the podcasts on your computer using Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or any other MP3 player.

How do I listen?

First off, you’ll need to download a podcast receiver like iTunes 4.9. Next, you’ll need to subscribe to the podcast. Look for the “Podcast” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click and drag the icon into your podcast receiver and you’ll automatically receive new episodes of the podcast as soon as they become available.

Happy listening!

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